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Amour Le Cross

Amour Le Cross- Is coming to the web around February, 2009.  Amour Le Cross is your online church and will always be there for you - Read about "Amour Le Cross" by going to the website of glorywealth.blogspot.com. glorywealth.blogspot.com

Jesus, Our Mighty Conquerer!  Remember the Exodus!  Remember the active Parts of the account!  Israel was given the promised land; but, Israel had to conquer the land before settling the land! 

So it is with us, the land of promise- that which the Spirit of God has promised us, is full of peoples and spiritual principalities and powers that must be fought!  Here lies our personal spiritual battle. . . Here lies our destined glorywealth; and here lies the command of the Lord- "Be Strong; Be Courageous; Fear Not- For the Lord will fight for you!" 

For the Redemed of the Lord- it is a journey of promise and obiedience at the same time!  Sometimes we wait; sometimes we forge our offence and sometimes we fortify our defence- and that is why The Lord promises His strength, His wisdom, His armour- (The Whole Word of God), and His Power to overcome! 

As the Redeemed of the Lord, we make it our personal ambition to become the exact 'spiritual force' for which He has chosen us in Him before the foundation of the world. . . He is our ambition!  He is our reward! 

(Glorywealth) may be seen at: glorywealth.blogspot.com- My homepage on the www may be seen at: victoriagreyh.spaces.live.com



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My yahoo 360 is an excellent source of Spiritual Encouragement along with my personal praise website "Never Before Have I Experienced So Much Love" . . .

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Love in Jesus, Victoria

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To Christ Himself!  A genuine Christian is NOT anyone who claims affiliation with a particular denomination of religious order. . . This is important!  There is no such thing as 'A Good Christian'. . . There is only the administration of the Lordship of Christ in the body of Christ- His church!  Both the church as a body of believers and each individual believer! 

Here, in the individual believer rests the Salvation of The Lord, Saved by the Blood of Christ to and unto Christ Himself!  The transformed life of the believer has never resembled that which the natural man- (meaning someone who  has not been born again) will produce in his/her life time.  This man is born of flesh and blood but has yet to be born of the Spirit- In Spirit and in Truth! 

The Authentic religion of God is 'Christ His Son' in whom rests all of the fullness of the Godhead bodily!  This is the only Truth of God for which the Christian enjoys his/her standing as the bride of Christ! 

Christ Himself reigns and rules Supreme in the beliver through the Holy Spirit- The power is His alone!  It has never and will never be experienced by and through anyone failing to recognize and honer God in Christ as Redeemer, Lord, and Bridegroom! 

Why do I say this?  Because I will continue this journal in an expressive way by way of personal experience in Christ! 

Experiential Knowledge is that knowledge which only comes in the supernatural birth of one who belongs to Christ. . . The Living God!  Experiential knowledge and understanding is the experience of Paul the apostle and all of those for whom worship God in authentic worship and understanding. . .

Theology in fact- is that theology which comes by way of education and experience! And that experience is Chirst! 

So, My entire ministry is what I call "Ministry_Live" because it deals with 'Theology In Fact'. . .

Questions?  Call me or write to me. . . see my home page on the www at: VictoriaGreyh.spaces.live.com


When The Lord Fights For You. . .

When The Lord Fights For You. . . never has your strength been more felt; Never has His Strength been more 'found' and experienced- first hand. 

Over and over again, God tells us to be strong; be courageous. . . For it is the Lord who fights for us.  We fight not with flesh and blood; but with principalities and powers. . . It is God who goes before us in this fight. . . It is God who keeps us from falling and it is God who wars in the spiritual places on our behalf . . . 

The strength of the Lord is Mighty; it is powerful; and it is majestic!  The strength of the Lord is perfect in this fight. . . it is brought against our enemies; against the gates of hell itself. 

"Fear Not" says The Lord to His people; the redeemed of the Lord!  "Be Still" says the Lord, and know that He is God. . . Be Strong in the strength of the Almighty; Be courageous in His might.  

The Redeemed of the Lord are 'more' than conquerors'; we are victorious on every front.  We live and move and have our being in Christ Himself. . . Who has conquered the enemy even this very hour!  

Dr. Victoria Celeste-Greyh, DD

Dr. Victoria Celeste-Greyh, DD.  Author of "The Romance of the Cross. . . The Breath of Divine Love!" 'He Draws Near- Silhouette of Justice' and "Be Still Dorothy". . .

"The Romance of the Cross. . . is available through any online bookstore.  Publishing Company is Xlibirs Corporation- Xlibris.com.  This book is $23.99- 523 pages.  This book contains a private journal entitled 'Changes, Heart-felt Changes'. . . 

A Keepsake Book, it is yours for a lifetime.  


Sharing From My Personal Journal-

 From The Heart of 'Victoria'

When I say "Jesus Is My Life", what I am really saying is "The Heart of God is My Heart's Desire!" .  What I am striving to achieve is the real dream for which God has birthed in my soul.  That dream is my identity in Christ.  It is the message of my birth in the hope of Christ.

When I say "Jesus is my life", what I am saying is that the Cross of Chist is the place of my very being. . . it is the place of my love! 


A journal Entry from my private journal-

Leaving A Lasting Legacy- Means we strive to leave our 'heart impression' to our loved ones as we journal, write,discover the world of art, and document those things as they become meaningful to us. . . this tells a story all by itself.  This gives our loved ones a lasting memory of 'Us' even though they may never personally meet us in the years to come. . .

All of these things require time, thought, and artistry. .  .they require a process.  They require devotion- and that devotion is forever inscribed on the heart of those who come after our lifetime. 

Sometimes the best way to be or become a role model is to preserve our life in art form.  Art forms speak the unspeakable.  Art forms describe the indescrible.  Art forms bring the silent musical scores into our hearts as they leave space for our own lyrics. . . lyrics that read our heart and tell our story.

I'm a believer in life-scapes.  Life-scapes are a sort of collage collection of all the things that I think of, dream of, and hope for along with dialoging in the form of journals.

The meaurement of success in a life lived is that measurement of personal achievement from within. . . wisdom from life-experience and wisdom from above in the heart-center of Christ! 


We Worship- A Holy God. . .

We, believer's in Christ- worship a 'Holy God'. . . He has commanded us to 'come out from among them'.  We are to be anointed in our worship; we are to be anointed in our praise; and we are to be anointed in our lives. . . 

The anointing of the Spirit brings us into a place of communion with our God through the Spirit of God as He establishes our union in Christ!  We are to be 'one' as He is One with the Father. . . this is what anointing is and means. . . It means we are baptised into one faith- our faith being born of Hope in Christ!  


Birthed In Hope

Now, Today- we who are the people of God, are 'Birthed In Hope'. . . we have the same hope in Christ for which Christ Himself rose!  We have the hope of the ressurrection to everlasting life in His Name! 

God is a miraculous God- He chose to make Himself known in His Son- His Son chose to give His life for us. . . He chose to heal us with His own stripes.  Our spirits are led by the very Spirit of Christ- The Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit leads us into all Truth; that Truth being the Son of God, Jesus the Christ. 

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